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2023 NWFL: Heartland Queens gaffer, coach Ogbala plots to maintain top spot on NWFL Table

Posted : 26 December 2023

Heartland Queens’ technical adviser, Coach Obi Ogbala, has reiterated that the Owerri Landladies intend to maintain the top spot in the NWFL Group A table. The only fitting gift for the government, according to him, is the league's top prize, the NWFL Super 6 ticket.

The Owerri team sits atop the eight-team Group A log heading into the festive break, thanks to the hard-fought 2-1 victory against the resilient Dannaz Ladies in the NWFL Premiership Match Day 6 clash in Owerri.

The soft-spoken gaffer mentioned that the hard-earned win against the perennially stubborn Dannaz Ladies shows that the Owerri landladies are on the right path to achieving the season's lofty dreams.

"Yes, I gave myself that target because I am a Super 6 coach; I have been there and I have won the league title.

``So, for me to push Heartland Queens to be in the Super Six is the surest reward I have to pay to the government for sponsoring us, and we can only do that by staying on top of the league table.

"We are still working on it; thank God we are going on recess. We are going to come back refreshed and take on the remaining eight matches, so the Super Six is truly achievable with this hard-earned result.

"This win means a lot, looking at the year ending, our first home match here, and our dreams to be in the Super Six. We discussed that the least desirable is for us to sit atop for the outgoing year, and then we will have time to look at the remaining matches.”

"Dannaz Ladies, right from the Championship, have been a stubborn side to us, even the Federation Cup in Warri; we won them in the dying minutes, and this is the third time we are having such a victory. They are good and young girls.

``We really planned for this match so that we can get the three points," said the former Nasarawa Amazons sweat merchant.

Ogbala, who expressed delight in the victory, however, denied ever underrating the topflight newcomers from the nation's center of commerce, Lagos, in the all-important league matchup.

"Well, I feel elated because that has been our game plan to win this match convincingly so that we sit atop for this year, so I am exceedingly happy.

"Not actually, it was not like we underrated them. In a game when you didn't get it right from the word go, something else set in.

"An initial loss of concentration, but after the half-mark pep talk, the girls woke up and got the early goal, and that loss of concentration came up again, and they got the equalizer.

"We have to push harder after we saw the added minutes, and the girls told themselves that was not the agreement; the agreement was to win, and that worked magic to see off the opposition and eventual victory," said the stern-looking and non-smiling gaffer.

The Owerri side is on break for the festivities and will resume on Friday, December 29, to commence intense preparations for the last first-term match against Adamawa Queens on Wednesday, December 10.



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