VALORANT Esports unveils future plans, skin revenue distribution, 2024 season highlights

Posted : 12 December 2023

In a comprehensive blog post addressing the VALORANT esports community as the 2023 season concludes, Leo Faria, the Global Head of VALORANT Esports, has outlined the future plans for the VALORANT scene, both in terms of business and competition.


Faria emphasized that Riot Games has distributed over $33 million to teams from digital item revenue this year. Each team in its partner leagues received more than $1 million on average. This includes the previously disclosed $10 million in revenue from the LOCK//IN bundle in March and a slightly increased $22 million from the VALORANT Champions collection from VCT Champions 2023 in August.


The revenue sharing from skin sales is part of VALORANT’s partner team program, where Riot Games selected teams with permanent slots in the league. Partnered esports organizations distributed nearly $12 million of the $33 million skin bundle revenue to players and coaches, averaging a 35% share.


Looking ahead to 2024, Faria revealed plans to introduce VCT team bundles, consisting of team-branded gun skins and other items that fans can purchase to support their favorite teams. These bundles are expected to launch in February and will be available for purchase throughout the year, benefiting players in the International Leagues.


In terms of the competitive ecosystem, the 2024 season will see the introduction of kickoff tournaments for the four international leagues, offering teams a chance to qualify for Masters Madrid in March. Subsequent to Madrid, Riot will host the second Masters event of the season in Shanghai, China. Faria also hinted at significant calendar changes for the VCT leagues in 2025, with plans to extend the schedule for top teams, providing longer breaks between stages and tournaments.


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