SideQuest Gamers Hub rings in the new year with special deals and overnight gaming

Posted : 27 December 2023

Esports cafe chain SideQuest Gamers Hub is set to welcome the New Year by opening its Charing Cross venue on the night of December 31st to January 1st. The cafe will feature special deals, including a 20% discount on bubble tea and a 15% discount on its Night Pass, offering seven hours of gaming from 11 pm to 6 am in any area.


The Night Pass, which provides access to upgraded PCs and monitors, is not limited to New Year's celebrations and is available at other hubs on different days. The cafe has a history of hosting themed events, such as League of Legends Worlds watch parties, and has embraced the grassroots esports scene with community nights.


During the New Year's celebrations, the Night Pass at Charing Cross will cost £25 for post-fireworks arrivals and £30 for those attending before the fireworks show. The cafe welcomes customers after the traditional London fireworks display and offers them the option to watch the spectacle on-site.


For those unable to attend the New Year's event, Charing Cross remains open overnight every day until 6 am, while Elephant Park and Coventry venues operate overnight on Fridays and Saturdays. SideQuest Gamers Hub's 'League Unlocked' initiative enhances customer experiences by providing free access to all League of Legends skins on the cafe's PCs at all locations.


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