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Red Bull League of its own debuts strong with record-breaking viewership

Posted : 12 December 2023

The inaugural edition of the Red Bull League of Its Own, a showmatch organized by the energy drink brand, concluded with resounding success in Berlin, Germany, last weekend, drawing substantial viewership. Esports data platform Esports Charts reported a peak of 494,324 viewers, making it the tenth most-watched League of Legends event in history.


The unique showcase featured League of Legends World Champions T1 from South Korea competing against prominent European organizations like G2 Esports and Karmine Corp, set against a distinctive competition format. The event, held in Berlin's Velodrom arena, sold out within three hours, hosting around 7,000 in-person fans.


Notably, the Red Bull event unveiled plans to return in 2024, with the next edition scheduled for Paris, France. The viewership success of the event is underscored by the impressive peak of around 500,000 viewers and an average viewership of 304,000 over its eight and a half hours of broadcast. While the grand final between T1 and G2 Esports was a highlight, the most-watched match featured T1 facing off against Karmine Corp, showcasing the impact of both teams' large and dedicated fanbases.


T1 emerged victorious against BIG, NNO OLD, and Karmine Corp but faced an upset in the grand final against G2 Esports. The tournament implemented a unique strategy, with T1 using different champions in each match, except for the final, from a limited pool to level the playing field. The success of the Red Bull event echoes the trend set by other showmatch events, such as KCX3: Karmine Corp vs The World, organized by Karmine Corp in September, which drew 150,000 peak concurrent viewers online and garnered significant in-person attendance across LAN showmatches in various esports titles. G2 Esports' top laner, Sergen “BrokenBlade” Çelik, expressed satisfaction with the event, emphasizing the joy of playing in front of an enthusiastic crowd and celebrating the victory in a less serious atmosphere.


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