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League of Legends Icon Faker collaborates on custom gaming chair with VANDYTHEPINK, Secretlab

Posted : 20 March 2024

Renowned professional League of Legends player Lee 'Faker' Sang-hyeok has teamed up with streetwear designer VANDYTHEPINK and gaming furniture brand Secretlab to introduce a branded gaming chair as part of an upcoming merchandise collection. Faker, celebrated for his exceptional esports career, boasts an illustrious record of four League of Legends World Championships, solidifying his status as one of the most successful athletes in esports history. Hailing from South Korea, Faker commands a massive following and frequently appears in commercials and events, further amplifying his fame.


The collaboration with VANDYTHEPINK extends beyond the gaming chair, encompassing a range of merchandise such as badges, hats, bags, and t-shirts, as showcased in videos shared by the designer. Fans can anticipate the release of these items in drops in the near future, with Secretlab also hinting at opportunities for fans to acquire the custom-designed chair. While specifics remain scarce, the brand pledges to provide further details through social media channels as the release date approaches.


For the gaming chair, Faker and VANDYTHEPINK opted to customize the popular Secretlab TITAN Evo model, a staple choice among gaming teams and events worldwide. The design of the chair was a collaborative effort between Faker and VANDYTHEPINK, featuring a predominantly white color scheme adorned with a prominent FAKER logo in green on the back, along with additional intricate details. Faker's endorsement of Secretlab stems from his longstanding preference for the brand's products, emphasizing the chair's functionality and aesthetic appeal.


This venture into custom merchandise is not unfamiliar territory for Faker, who has previously partnered with hardware brand Razer to develop a personalized version of the Razer Deathadder V3 Pro mouse. With his influence extending beyond the esports realm, Faker's collaborations continue to bridge the worlds of gaming, fashion, and technology, offering fans exclusive products that reflect his iconic status in the industry.


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