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Gonna Need Milk announces major Women's Fortnite Tournament series

Posted : 10 April 2024

Gonna Need Milk, a campaign launched by North American advertising agency MilkPEP, has unveiled an ambitious venture: a major women’s Fortnite tournament series known as the Milk Cup. This tournament offers a substantial prize pool of $250,000 (~£198,437), distributed across three events and culminating in a LAN final.


The initiative, aimed at fostering change within professional gaming, seeks to provide women with a significant platform for competition. By offering the largest prize pool ever seen in a North American women’s Fortnite tournament, Gonna Need Milk hopes to address the prevailing pay gap between male and female esports players.


Operated by the women’s esports platform Raidiant, the Milk Cup comprises three Major tournaments scheduled for May, June, and July. The series will reach its climax with an in-person Grand Finals event, set to be broadcast on Twitch in the Autumn of 2024.


Collaborating with Women of the eRena, Gonna Need Milk intends to facilitate participation for over 400 women in the event, further amplifying its impact. This initiative follows in the footsteps of other unconventional esports projects, such as Malaysian brand Goodday's endeavor to recruit senior citizens for a Counter-Strike 2 roster.


Yin Woon Rani, CEO of MilkPEP, emphasized the commitment of Gonna Need Milk to the gaming community. She expressed a dedication that transcends mere words, highlighting the campaign's receptivity to feedback and ideas. With a longstanding tradition of supporting women athletes, Gonna Need Milk aims to inspire and empower young girls and women worldwide, envisioning a gaming industry that values and rewards talent equitably.


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