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Former G2 Esports CEO, Carlos 'Ocelote' Rodríguez, Joins Board of Directors at Web3 Gaming Studio Farcana

Posted : 21 November 2023
Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodríguez, former CEO and co-founder of G2 Esports, has joined the Board of Directors of Farcana Studio, a Web3 gaming studio based in Dubai. In his role as an 'active advisor,' Rodríguez will contribute to the growth and scaling of Farcana, particularly its third-person shooter video game.
Previously prominent in competitive gaming, Rodríguez left G2 Esports amid controversy in 2022 and has since started a venture called 'The Circle,' offering financial growth insights. Farcana, known for its Web3-enabled four versus four shooter game, recently partnered with Animoca Brands and plans to introduce its own token.
Rodríguez expressed his admiration for Farcana's founder, Illman Shazhaev, and highlighted the studio's potential. While Rodríguez's specific duties are unclear, he sees Farcana as making a significant impact in the gaming and AI scene.
 The game incorporates Web3 elements, including Bitcoin-based cash prizes, and has garnered attention with its alpha testing phase. Farcana aims to expand its reach to the masses across various platforms, and Rodríguez is eager to contribute to the team's success.


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