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Anichess: Chess enters the Esports Arena with a Web3 Twist

Posted : 22 April 2024

The popularity of chess, both as a traditional sport and a digital game, remains robust, with the FIDE World Championship attracting over 500,000 peak viewers in 2023. Recognizing the evolving digital landscape, companies are innovating to adapt chess to modern cultures, exemplified by Anichess, a competitive PvE (soon PvP) chess title featuring traditional figures with spells and abilities akin to other computer games.


Anichess, developed by Animoca Brands in collaboration with, represents a unique fusion of Web3 principles like fairness and accessibility with the timeless appeal of chess. With boasting over 160 million members, the collaboration aimed to create a novel gaming experience while integrating Web3 services into the game, offering both familiar and innovative elements.


Anichess, characterized as a 'spell-chess' variant, appeals to a broad spectrum of enthusiasts, including traditional chess players, gamers, and Web3 enthusiasts. The game combines Web2 and Web3 technology, providing benefits for Web3 players such as integration with MetaMask and WalletConnect, as well as the opportunity to mint prizes as NFTs without gas fees.


Despite being in its early stages, Anichess has garnered significant interest, with around 50,000 daily active users and 500,000 registered players. The game's PvE mode serves as an introductory experience, allowing players to familiarize themselves with spell chess and providing valuable feedback for future development.


Looking ahead, Anichess aims to introduce PvP matches, tournaments, and competitions, potentially positioning itself within the esports category with the support of and integration into existing chess esports tournaments like the Champions Chess Tour.


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