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Nigeria's Arm Wrestling champion, Sarah Matthew targets World Stage after African Games gold

Posted : 09 April 2024

Sarah Matthew, a rising star in Nigerian sports, has captured headlines with her remarkable debut performance at the All African Games in arm wrestling, clinching two gold medals in her very first competition.

Reflecting on her achievement, Sarah expressed a mix of excitement and gratitude, emphasizing the arduous journey that led to her success.

“I feel excited, of course, but it was very difficult to get to this place. I’m just happy that all the effort was worth it because we trained really hard and it was not easy at all,” Sarah remarked, acknowledging the rigorous training regimen that paved the way for her triumph.

Sarah faced off against a fellow Nigerian competitor in the final, showcasing her confidence and determination to emerge victorious. “I just had the confidence I was going to win from the beginning. So while we’re fighting, all I had in my mind was I hoped she could get the silver because I had the confidence I was going to win,” she revealed, underscoring her unwavering self-belief.

Looking ahead, Sarah harbors ambitious aspirations of competing at the world stage, confident in her ability to secure a medal.

“I have very big hope and I know I’m strong enough to go there and get a medal. So even when I get there, I’m sure I’m going to perform very well. I’m training for that also,” she asserted, showcasing her determination to make a mark on the global arena.

Balancing her prowess in arm wrestling with her endeavors in weightlifting, Sarah remains steadfast in her commitment to excel in both disciplines.

“Luckily, weightlifting and arm wrestling are connected… I’m still going to be focusing on the two like I’ve always been doing.

“So far, I’m doing very well in weightlifting as much as I’m doing in arm wrestling,” she explained, highlighting her ability to effectively manage her training regime.

In a message of empowerment to aspiring athletes, particularly women, Sarah emphasized the importance of self-belief and perseverance.

“The most important thing is to know who you are… when you know what you want to do with your life and you have a blueprint of what you want to do with time, other people will have no choice but to accept what you call yourself and with that, they will support you and keep improving,” she conveyed, inspiring others to pursue their dreams with conviction.

Expressing her gratitude to her fellow Nigerians for their unwavering support, Sarah vowed to continue her pursuit of excellence, setting her sights on more medals at bigger competitions.

“Expect more medals at bigger competitions because we are just starting… even at a higher stage, I’ll go for gold,” she proclaimed, signaling her determination to ascend to greater heights in the world of sports.

Sarah’s remarkable journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, self-belief, and hard work, inspiring a new generation of athletes to reach for the stars.


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