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North Carolina sports fans gain access to legal online betting for college basketball tournament

Posted : 18 March 2024

North Carolina, renowned for its basketball fervor, is set to add an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming major college tournament as sports fans in the state will have the opportunity to legally bet on the games using their smartphones and computers for the first time. This development marks a significant shift in the landscape, allowing enthusiasts to engage with the tournament in a new and dynamic way.


The expansion of legal sports betting continues its upward trajectory, with the number of states permitting such activities reaching 38, including 30 states and Washington, DC, where online betting is also permitted. This progression contrasts starkly with the previous scenario where betting on college basketball games was exclusively legal in Nevada until 2018 when the Supreme Court paved the way for its expansion across other states.


Legal frameworks surrounding sports betting exhibit variability across jurisdictions, with regulations governing permissible betting parameters ranging from restrictions on wagering on local teams to the inclusion of player-specific statistics. The evolution of these laws has ushered in a diverse array of betting options beyond traditional outcomes, encompassing metrics such as points scored, rebounds, and assists, among others.


Despite the burgeoning popularity of sports betting, concerns loom over its potential ramifications, particularly within the realm of college basketball. The NCAA voices apprehensions regarding the implications of specific bets on player statistics, citing potential issues like athlete harassment and mental health strain. Moreover, there are fears that such bets could incentivize players to gamble on themselves or alter their gameplay to impact statistics-based gambling, highlighting complex ethical considerations within the domain of collegiate athletics.


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