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NBA's shockwave: Warriors pursued LeBron-Curry dream duo in trade talks

Posted : 15 February 2024

In the realm of NBA fantasies, last week brought forth a captivating proposal that resonated across the basketball community. The Golden State Warriors harbored dreams of a seismic collaboration between two giants of the game, LeBron James and Stephen Curry.


As the trade window neared its closure, discussions unfurled between the Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers. The prospect of LeBron donning the Warriors' colors hung tantalizingly close, but, ultimately, the Lakers and the iconic forward chose to extend their shared journey in the vibrant City of Angels.


In the intricate dance of negotiations at the pinnacle of the basketball world, conversations transpired directly between the franchise owners, Joe Lacob of the Golden State Warriors and Jeanie Buss of the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite the Warriors' earnest intention to present an enticing offer, they were met with a prior rejection.


Lacob, sensing an opportunity amidst LeBron's public discontent with the Lakers' circumstances, engaged Buss in dialogue. However, Buss firmly expressed her reluctance to entertain trade discussions until understanding LeBron's desires for the path ahead.


Facilitating this audacious move was none other than Draymond Green, whose ties extended beyond the court as his agent, Rich Paul, also represents LeBron James. Green, advocating for the prospect of this groundbreaking collaboration, encouraged Lacob to engage with Lakers' owner Buss.


LeBron James to Warriors pathways and obstacles: How Golden State can  acquire Lakers star in 2024 offseason | Sporting News Canada


Rich Paul, serving as a conduit, received a message from Green aimed at persuading LeBron to embrace this potentially sensational move, a move that could reshape the landscape of the NBA.


LeBron James, holding a player option of $51.4 million for the upcoming season with the Lakers, stands at a crossroads. The decision to either exercise the option or explore free agency looms large. While the likelihood of rejecting the option exists, a new and financially upgraded contract with the Lakers remains a plausible outcome.


Nonetheless, suitors such as Golden State and Philadelphia aim to test the waters, hoping to lure LeBron away from Los Angeles after a six-year tenure.


On a parallel front, the Philadelphia 76ers entered the fray, expressing interest in LeBron James. However, talks quickly dissipated when the Lakers inquired about the availability of Joel Embiid in a potential trade.


Subsequently, Philadelphia redirected their attention to Phoenix, exploring the possibility of acquiring Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, or Bradley Beal. The Suns, however, rebuffed all propositions.


As the trade window concluded, both the Lakers and the Warriors refrained from making significant moves. Despite this, the Lakers solidified their roster by securing Spencer Dinwiddie, released by Toronto after a trade from Brooklyn.


Currently, both teams find themselves locked in a tie in the Western Conference, with the Lakers positioned at ninth and the Warriors at tenth. The intriguing narrative persists, setting the stage for a potential clash between James and Curry in the play-in tournament, a high-stakes battle where the vanquished relinquishes hopes of playoff qualification.


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