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Mack McClung soars to second consecutive dunk contest victory, overcoming height disparity and dazzling with Shaq leap

Posted : 19 February 2024

Mack McClang, standing at 1.88m and with only four NBA games under his belt, secured his second consecutive dunk contest title in a remarkable feat that etches his name into basketball history. Amidst the towering contenders, McClung's victory was punctuated by a jaw-dropping dunk over Shaquille O'Neal, who jokingly warned him not to miss the crucial move.


Despite his limited NBA career, McClung's annual appearance at the dunk contest ensures his name remains in the headlines. The 25-year-old Oscaola Magic player emerged victorious once again, outshining competitors like Jaylen Brown, and saved his most electrifying dunk for the finale — a spectacular leap over the towering figure of Shaq, earning a perfect score of 50.


McClung revealed that just five weeks prior, he proposed the idea of leaping over Shaq, who agreed under one condition: "You better not miss that dunk." This collaboration between the two showcased Shaq's generosity and McClung's hometown pride, culminating in a memorable dunk that solidified his championship status.


Joining an elite club of dunk contest legends including Zach Lavigne, Nate Robinson, Jason Richardson, and Michael Jordan, McClung’s consecutive wins mark him as a rising star in the NBA. With the potential to clinch a third victory next year, McClung's journey from high school fame to professional success reflects his unwavering determination to excel in the sport he loves.


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