James Harden celebrates, inspiring LA Clippers to eighth consecutive NBA victory

Posted : 19 December 2023

The LA Clippers secured their longest winning streak since the 2015/16 season, reaching eight consecutive victories, with James Harden playing a pivotal role in their triumph over the Indiana Pacers. 

Harden, becoming the 10th player in franchise history to score over eight three-pointers in a single game, contributed a season-best 35 points. His outstanding performance included a career-high 21 points in the fourth quarter, leading the Clippers to a 151-127 win. Kawhi Leonard, Harden's teammate, described the night as "entertaining," while Paul George acknowledged the vintage brilliance of James Harden in creating space and driving off the dribble. 


Harden asks Sixers for trade to form brutal 'Big Three' for Clippers ...

Coach Tyronn Lue emphasized Harden's impact in scoring and facilitating plays for his teammates, reinforcing the team's investment in him. Despite an initial challenging start with the Clippers, Harden's recent performances have showcased his ability to contribute both as a scorer and playmaker, solidifying his value to the team during their winning streak.

In a busy night of NBA action, the Los Angeles Lakers fell to a 109-114 defeat against the New York Knicks despite LeBron James' 109th career triple-double. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Houston Rockets 135-130, while the Chicago Bulls overcame the 76ers 108-104. The Atlanta Hawks beat the Detroit Pistons 130-124, and the Minnesota Timberwolves continued their great campaign with a 112-108 win against the Miami Heat. 

The reigning NBA champions Denver Nuggets displayed a fine performance to overcome the Dallas Mavericks 130-104. Elsewhere, the Toronto Raptors beat the Charlotte Hornets 114-99, while the Memphis Grizzlies' poor campaign continued with a 116-97 loss against the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

The Utah Jazz saw off the Brooklyn Nets 125-108, and the Sacramento Kings beat the Washington Wizards 143-131.



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