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BAL 2024: Rivers Hoopers battle Senegal's AS Douanes in Sahara Conference opener

Posted : 27 April 2024

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Rivers Hoopers, the reigning Nigerian champions, are gearing up for an intense battle as they prepare to face off against AS Douanes of Senegal in their opening game of the 2024 Basketball Africa League (BAL) tournament. Scheduled for May 4, this matchup marks the commencement of what promises to be an exhilarating journey for both teams in the prestigious competition.

Set to unfold at the Dakar Arena in Senegal, the Sahara Conference will serve as the stage for this clash of titans, with Rivers Hoopers and AS Douanes among the frontrunners vying for supremacy. Joining them in this conference are formidable opponents such as US Monastir from Tunisia and APR from Rwanda, adding further intensity to the competition.

Following their showdown with AS Douanes, Rivers Hoopers will face another formidable opponent in APR of Rwanda on May 5, presenting yet another opportunity for the Nigerian outfit to showcase their prowess on the continental stage. The first round will culminate with a highly anticipated encounter against US Monastir on May 7, setting the stage for an action-packed start to the tournament.

As the tournament progresses into the second round, Rivers Hoopers will once again cross paths with AS Douanes on May 9, seeking to assert their dominance and secure crucial points in the group standings. Two days later, they will lock horns with APR in what promises to be another fiercely contested battle, as both teams vie for advancement in the competition.

With 12 teams divided into three conferences – Kalahari, Nile, and Sahara – BAL 2024 offers a dynamic platform for basketball excellence on the African continent. The top two teams from each conference, along with the best two third-placed teams, will advance to the next stage in Kigali, Rwanda, for the seeding games and playoffs.

From May 24 to June 1, the BK Arena in Kigali will witness the culmination of the tournament, with eight teams engaging in a single-elimination playoffs and finals to determine the ultimate champion of the BAL 2024. Amidst the thrill of competition and the pursuit of glory, Rivers Hoopers and their counterparts are poised to deliver captivating performances and unforgettable moments on the basketball court.


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