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Ultramarathon runner Russ Cook completes historic journey running length of Africa

Posted : 08 April 2024

British ultramarathon runner Russ Cook accomplished his extraordinary feat of running the length of the African continent, reaching Tunisia's northernmost point after a 352-day journey filled with trials and triumphs. Despite enduring health scares, sandstorms, visa complications, and even an armed robbery, Cook, known as the "Hardest Geezer," raised over £690,000 ($872,022) for charity during his epic adventure.


Setting off from South Africa's Cape Agulhas in April 2023 with the initial goal of covering 9,320 miles and crossing 16 borders, Cook's mission encountered numerous setbacks, prompting him to extend the challenge's duration. After traversing over 10,190 miles, he finally reached Ras Ben Sakka in Tunisia, marking the culmination of his unparalleled odyssey.


Amidst jubilant celebrations with family and friends, Cook took a momentous plunge into the Mediterranean Sea, reflecting on his accomplishment and expressing his exhaustion, stating, "It was good, I'm a bit tired." While Guinness World Records did not officially certify his endeavor, Cook asserts himself as the first person to complete this remarkable journey, which saw him brave diverse landscapes and unforeseen obstacles across multiple African countries.


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