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Triathlon gets a lifeline at the 13th African Games

Posted : 26 February 2024

The atmosphere in the triathlon federation was filled with excitement as they were finally granted the opportunity to participate in the 13th African Games. The federation faced an initial rejection from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, but numerous behind-the-scenes efforts were made to secure their inclusion in the prestigious event.


The Games have been scheduled to take place from March 8 to March 23, 2024, leaving the athletes and coaches with a limited amount of time to prepare. However, they were ready to face the challenge head-on.


Dr. Adewale Oladunjoye, the president of the Triathlon Federation, expressed his delight at being able to bring back the sport to the African Games after their last appearance in Maputo, Mozambique, from Sept. 3 to Sept. 18, 2011. 


He was delighted that the Games in Maputo were attended by 46 African countries, making it a momentous occasion for the athletes who had the privilege to compete. Among those athletes were Perelate Gbagi and Victor Aladdin, who represented the federation in the previous Games. 


Babatunde Fatayi-Williams, a renowned figure in the triathlon community and former president of the Aquatic Sports Federation, jokingly reminisced about their experience and noted that it was an unforgettable outing for the sport. As the president shared this exciting news, he also revealed that the athletes and coaches were already in the midst of preparation. 


A training camp had been set up in Lagos to ensure they were in peak condition ahead of the Games in Accra. The selected athletes and coaches included Abdul Fadipe, Gbagi, Tombrapa Gladys, Rosemary Marcus, Lekan Kami, Williams Gbekemy, and Sadique Yahaya. The triathlon community rallied together in support of their athletes, showcasing their determination to make a mark in the upcoming Games. 


The federation promised to provide the athletes with all the necessary resources and support they needed to excel. As the camp in Lagos buzzed with energy and enthusiasm, the athletes trained tirelessly, pushing their limits every day in cycling, racing, and swimming, the three sports that make up triathlon.


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