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Paris 2024 unveils visually stunning design blending history and innovation for Olympics

Posted : 24 February 2024

The organizers of Paris 2024 faced the challenge of creating an inclusive design that would captivate both spectators and athletes while preserving France's prestigious image. The emblem, a first in Olympic history, unifies the logos for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, featuring a round design reminiscent of a gold medal, the face of Marianne symbolizing gender equality, and the representation of the Olympic torch with an Art Deco style, paying homage to the 1924 Olympics held in Paris.


The medals, produced by Shomaa jewelry company, incorporate 189 grams of iron from the original Eiffel Tower, emphasizing historical significance. The front showcases a hexagon, representing France, surrounded by radiant sunshine rays, while the back displays the iconic Eiffel Tower. The Paralympic medals feature Nike, the Eiffel Tower, the Greek Acropolis, and the inscription Aliyah in Braille.


Unveiled: Paris 2024 Olympic medals


Inspired by the French Revolution, the mascot "Paris" wears the Phrygian hat and represents the dynamism of the games. The Olympic torch, designed by Mathieu Lahanner, symbolizes ocean waves and flames, embodying the torch's journey through oceans and the Seine River. The French national team's uniforms, created by Stefan Ashpol for Le Coq Sportif, blend blue and red to signify diversity. Pictograms for each sport, described as revolutionary and Game of Thrones-inspired, add a unique touch to the visual identity of Paris 2024.


Beyond the competitions, the cultural aspects of Paris 2024 include art exhibitions, featuring works by young artists and historical depictions of sports in renowned museums like the Marmotten-Monet Museum. With the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop, the opening ceremony promises a visually stunning experience, making Paris 2024 an anticipated event for both sports enthusiasts and art lovers.


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