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Nigeria's sprinter star Favour Ofili delighted to join Paris 2024 Olympic train

Posted : 09 May 2024

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Nigeria's sprint sensation, Favour Ofili, recently shared her elation regarding Team Nigeria's qualification in the 4×100 meters relay event, an achievement she played a pivotal role in securing. Leading her team to victory, Ofili's performance contributed significantly to Nigeria's success at the qualifying event held in the Bahamas.

The quartet comprising Justina Eyakpobeyan, Favour Ofili, Olayinka Olajide, and Tima Godbless exhibited remarkable teamwork and skill, clocking an impressive time of 42.71 seconds during their heat in Nassau, Bahamas. This stellar performance secured their qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympics, marking a significant milestone for Nigerian athletics.

Reflecting on the race, Ofili expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to compete alongside her talented teammates. She emphasized the sense of pride and fulfillment she felt while representing her country on the international stage, particularly in such a prestigious event as the Olympic Games.

Ofili also extended her appreciation to her coach for their guidance and support throughout the qualifying process. Their dedication and expertise played a crucial role in helping Ofili and her teammate, Tima Godbless, achieve their goal of securing Nigeria's spot in the Olympics.

Team Nigeria's success in securing four out of the five available relay tickets for the Olympic Games underscores the depth of talent and determination within the country's athletics program. The athletes' hard work and commitment have paid off, earning them the opportunity to compete on the world stage and showcase Nigeria's prowess in sprinting.

As preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympics continue, Ofili and her teammates are poised to represent Nigeria with pride and determination. Their qualification in the 4×100 meters relay event serves as a testament to their dedication, skill, and teamwork, instilling confidence in their ability to perform admirably on the Olympic stage.

With their sights set on achieving success in Paris, Team Nigeria's sprinters, led by the exceptional Favour Ofili, are ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Their journey to the Olympic Games is a testament to the resilience and talent of Nigerian athletes, inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams in athletics.


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