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“Nigeria lacks the infrastructure to qualify for the Olympics” - Aqua Swim School Head Coach blasts

Posted : 05 December 2023

Aqua Swim School Nigeria, established in 2021 by a team of accomplished NCAA and international swimmers, has embarked on a remarkable mission to empower Nigerians with the skills, resources, and knowledge to safely enjoy water activities and thrive in the aquatic environment. 


From its humble beginnings as a startup venture, Aqua Swim School Nigeria has blossomed into a leading swim school in the country, boasting robust growth in revenue and a loyal customer base. Over the past two years, under the guidance of a single expatriate coach, the school has transformed the lives of over 400 Nigerians, instilling in them a love for the water and fostering a lifelong passion for aquatic pursuits. 


At the helm of this remarkable transformation is Mr. Aleksandar Damjanic, the school's astute and passionate Head Coach. With his commitment to excellence and his deep-rooted belief in the power of aquatics, Mr. Aleks has steered Aqua Swim School Nigeria towards becoming a cornerstone of aquatic education in Nigeria. 


In an exclusive interview with Africa Sport Network (ASN), Mr. Aleksandar Damjanic shared the school's inspiring journey, its mission, its impact on the Nigerian community, and its vision for the future of aquatics in the country.