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Doping scandal unravels 'Benfars Express’ Olympic Dream: Tragic tale of deceit and betrayal

Posted : 07 March 2024

In a gripping sports drama, the "Benfars Express," comprising sisters Sarah and Sofia Benfares, faced severe backlash and allegations of doping after traces of EPO, a performance-enhancing drug, were found in their bodies. Coached by their father, Samir Benfares, who also serves as their coach, the sisters' Olympic aspirations took a hit following a 1-1 home draw against Leipzig. Samir justified the doping findings by falsely claiming that Sarah was battling bone cancer and required the substances for treatment.


The intricate web of lies began to unravel when EPO traces were also discovered in Sofia's body, casting doubt on the father's fabricated cancer story. The sisters, initially part of the French athletics team, shifted to the German association, further complicating the narrative. Samir's inconsistent accounts of Sarah's diagnosis and treatment raised suspicions, as she was photographed participating in challenging races shortly after alleged chemotherapy sessions.


Despite the father's denial, both sisters now face allegations of fraud, and the case is heading to the Attorney General in Saarbrucken, as the use of prohibited substances in Germany is considered a criminal offense. The German club where the sisters trained has already suspended them, while experts cast doubt on the authenticity of their claimed medical conditions. The "Banfars Express" story, initially portraying a charming pursuit of athletic success, now stands as a tragic tale of parental betrayal and potential doping scandal.


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