Organisers say seven categories to be competed for in Scrabble event of the All African Games in Ghana

Posted : 23 September 2023
The organisers of the Scrabble competition for the All Africa Games in Ghana and scribe of Scrabble Association of Ghana, Christie Ashley on Friday disclosed that one location would be used for both the English and French competitions.

The Pan African Scrabble Association (PANASA) says seven categories will be competed for at the scrabble event of the 13th All African Games to be hosted by Ghana next year between March 8 and 23.

This was made public after PANASA Executive Committee zoom meeting of the continental body on Friday.

Each Federation is allowed a maximum of 4 Male players; that's 3 players and 1 reserve. 

Female players; 3 players and 1 reserve, totaling 8 players per Federation. The minimum number of players a Federation can present is 2. 

Ghana, the host Federation is allowed to submit a maximum list of 32 players, 12 male players with 4 male reserves and 12 female players with 4 female reserves too.

Categories to be competed in are male and female team event, male and female individual event, mixed team, men and women doubles.

About 35 countries are expected to participate in the Scrabble event of All African Games and the competition will be rated by the Pan African Scrabble Association (PANASA), Fédérations et Associations Francophones de Scrabble, (FISF) and World English-Language Scrabble Players Association (WESPA).

The Scribe of Scrabble Association of Ghana (SAG) Christie Ashley, further disclosed that all the events, both the English and French competitions will be decided at the same location at the Games.

Scrabble is featuring at the All African Games for the first time as a demonstration event.

This is the second time in history that the games will be descentralized, as three cities in the country will host the event.

The three cities chosen for these functions are Accra, Kumasi, and Cape Coast.


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