FIFA suspend Spanish FA chairman Luis Rubiales for 90 days and restricts contact with Jenny Hermoso

Posted : 26 August 2023
Spanish FA chairman Luis Rubiales has been suspended by FIFA for 90 days and prohibited from contacting national team star Jenny Hermoso, following the "kissing incident" that has caused upheaval in Spain. The suspension is a result of disciplinary proceedings initiated against Rubiales. This decision by FIFA comes after Hermoso, who was forcefully kissed by Rubiales on the podium after the Women's World Cup final, stated that she did not agree with the incident.
In response to Hermoso's claims, the Spanish FA has taken an unprecedented step by announcing its intention to take legal action against her for "lying." The association asserts that there is substantial evidence, including photographs, showing Hermoso hugging Rubiales and not resisting the kiss. This move by the Spanish FA has added to the ongoing turmoil surrounding the incident.
Rubiales' behavior has caused widespread discontent. After the incident, 81 players from the Spanish league, including members of the national team, declared their refusal to play for the national team until Rubiales resigns. Clubs like Barcelona, Espanyol, and Sevilla have criticized Rubiales and demanded his resignation, citing his behavior as unacceptable.
FIFA's disciplinary action against Rubiales reflects their concern that his actions bring a negative reputation to sports and football. Additionally, allegations of past misconduct have emerged, with Tamara Ramos, who worked under Rubiales when he led the Spanish players' association, accusing him of humiliating her a decade ago.
Even Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has condemned Rubiales' behavior as unacceptable and insufficiently addressed by his apologies. The incident continues to draw attention and criticism, highlighting the need for accountability and appropriate action.


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