"I love to watch basketball a lot" - Stephen Ezeh reveals sports addiction

Posted : 26 September 2023

Stephen Ezeh is an inspiring footballer who has played for various clubs in Nigeria. He began his journey in football because of his love for the game and inspiration from seeing others play on the streets. He is deeply passionate about football, believing it's more than just a physical game. 

During an interview with Africa Sport Network (ASN), Stephen shared his experiences in the football world, while noting that he is interested in basketball as well. When asked how he started his footballing journey, he said playing football took him out of his comfort zone. 

“Yeah! Was crazy and tough. I had to leave the house just because I wanted to play. I left my comfort zone. Because football is beyond the physical.” 

Stephen's early football inspirations came from the admiration he garnered from people on the streets, watching him play. While his father believed in his potential as a footballer, his mother was initially more focused on his education. 

“People saw me from the street and were amazed at how good I was. They had to go back to my parents to tell them that I am a very good player. My dad believed, but my mum insisted that I must go to school instead,” Stephen said. 

One of his most notable achievements is winning the Lagos FA Cup. He has played for clubs such as Clique Sports Academy, Collins Edwin Sports Club, 36Lion, FC One Rocket, Ottasolo FC, and currently represents Ikorodu City FC, which competes in Nigeria's second division. 

Stephen also received an invitation to play for Nigeria's national team at the U15 level. His ultimate goals are to play football abroad, win trophies, make a name for himself, and represent the Nigerian national team, the Super Eagles. 

His career has also been influenced by his former manager and coach, Olumide Ajibolade, who Stephen mentions was his first and currently coaches at Remo FC. 

When asked how he balances his career with his personal relationships, Stephen said: “It not easy, but the thing is when you are with someone that understands what your job entails, it becomes a stress-free life for you! I must say that I’m enjoying everything. Thank God for that!” 

Outside of football, Stephen has a penchant for watching basketball but doesn't play it. He's a jovial person, enjoying laughter and the fun side of life. An endearing trait of his is his love for playing FIFA with friends and reveling in victories. 

“I love to watch basketball a lot, but I can’t play it. I also love to laugh a lot, and anytime I play FIFA with my friends, and I see myself winning, I am always happy,” Stephen said excitedly.  

Sharing his favorite childhood memory, Stephen said: “When I used to come back home late from school, because I needed to hang out with my friends to play football.” 

On a more personal note, Stephen's father has passed away, and he holds a deep appreciation and concern for widows, given that he's seen his mother navigate life post his father's demise. This has given him a philanthropic goal: to make money from football and assist those in need, especially widows. 

“My long-term goal is to make money from football and help the needy. I hate to see anyone feel broken. Particularly, I have plans for widows. Since I lost my dad, it has been my mum, only her. 

“In terms of my career, I plan to play abroad, win trophies and make a name for myself. I also want to represent my country through the Super Eagles,” the young footballer shared. 

Stephen Ezeh is a passionate and ambitious footballer with goals that stretch beyond the pitch, aiming to make a positive impact on society. He values relationships and believes in the strength of a supportive and understanding partner in navigating a demanding football career. We expect to see more from the budding champion.  


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