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Blue Light partners with Baldwin Wallace University and USC Sumter

Posted : 01 September 2023
Bye Blue Light, a North American eyewear brand, has recently forged partnerships with collegiate esports programs at Baldwin Wallace University and USC Sumter, expanding its list of affiliations with educational institutions across North America.
The company specializes in crafting blue light-blocking eyewear, specifically designed to alleviate eye strain during screen-intensive tasks like esports, gaming, programming, and other digital activities. Currently, Bye Blue Light is actively engaging with local legislators to seek approval for the use of blue light glasses for medical purposes, although scientific research on the precise relationship between blue light and eye strain remains inconclusive.
The precise terms and activation details of these newly established partnerships between Bye Blue Light and Baldwin Wallace University Esports, as well as USC Sumter Esports, have not been publicly disclosed. Nonetheless, the objective is clear: to enable players to enhance their performance while prioritizing their visual health and overall well-being.
These recent collaborations follow a series of similar partnerships Bye Blue Light has formed with collegiate esports organizations and programs across North America. The company has established affiliations with various bodies, including the National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC), the Missouri Scholastic Esports Federation, and the Illinois High School Esports Association. Additionally, it has partnered with specific collegiate programs such as the University of Arizona’s Arizona Esports and the University of Louisville’s Louisville Esports.
The majority of these partnerships involve equipping the respective teams with eyewear that purports to assist them in their daily activities and improve their performance. Jake Grasso, the Director of Esports at Baldwin Wallace Esports, emphasized that this initiative is part of a broader approach aimed at enhancing the well-being of players and students.
In the case of the partnership with the NECC, Bye Blue Light and the organization are collaborating on education initiatives and webinars. Furthermore, the eyewear company intends to offer several scholarships annually, reinforcing its commitment to supporting students and athletes in the collegiate esports community.
Kris Weissmann, Director & Head Coach of USC Sumter Esports, expressed the belief that their collaboration with Bye Blue Light will prioritize the safety and well-being of their players while providing them with a competitive advantage. The advanced blue light-blocking technology is anticipated to reduce eye strain and maintain optimal vision health, ultimately enabling players to excel in their esports endeavors. This partnership is expected to contribute to the overall success of USC Sumter Esports in the highly competitive esports arena.


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