Africa Sport Network will be happy to host you as one of our advertising customers. The Advertising banners and/or the sponsorship options are sold per country as per your choice or to the African continent as a whole. If you are interested in adding the publicity of your company on our pages, please contact us by WhatsApp +2348159929999 or by filling up your details in the Contact us form and one of our account managers will contact you back.

Banner name Location Size Price
Ambassador Top Ambassador 1000 x 125 0 ₹
Advertising Top Advertising 1000 x 125 0 ₹
CMS Top CMS 1000 x 125 0 ₹
ContactUs Bottom ContactUs 1000 x 125 0 ₹
Home Top Home 1000 x 125 0 ₹
Home Middle Home 1000 x 125 0 ₹
Home Bottom Home 1000 x 125 0 ₹
Football Top Football 1000 x 125 0 ₹
Football Middle Football 1000 x 125 0 ₹
Football Bottom Football 1000 x 125 0 ₹

Content requirements

Africa sport Network will review every publicity before it is published in order to insure it is in compliance with our Terms and Conditions in order to ensure they are not offensive to any of our readers and viewers. All the banners should be prepared in 72 DPI for web usage, banners will be sent to us in PNG, JPG, GIF or MP4, if you would like to send any other format, please address your account manager.

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